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Products > Chocolate Equipment > Chocolate Spraying

Bakon Chocospray 100 sprays chocolate (coating) directly from an open heated reservoir. This reservoir is heated by means of a hot air circulation, where the temperature can be digitally adjusted.

- Air mix system with low pressure
- Chocolate always ready for use
- Compact and easy to use.

Standard features:
- Liquid and air pressure seperately adjustable
- Digital adjustable temperature
- Interchangeable reservoir
- With or without mobile trolley
- available with one or two guns.

Chocospray 350 has solved the problem of chocolate and compound spraying, avoiding the inconvenience of overspraying, 'choco powder fogs' and too high dilution of the products, permitting at the same time to have always ready chocolate for decorations, special effects and coatings.

Spraying machines for all types of glaze also available.

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Chocolate Spraying from DT Saunders Ltd (image 1)
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